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About usMutual benefit, win-win cooperation and common development

Hebei Huagen Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Hengshui, a beautiful lakeside city, adjacent to the National Nature Reserve Hengshui Lake Scenic Zhonghu Avenue, with superior geographical location and convenient transportation. The company covers an area of more than 13000 square meters, with a construction area of more than 8000 square meters, including office and living facilities and a comprehensive production workshop of more than 2000 square meters. It is an enterprise specializing in the production of rubber sealing rings for water supply and production and rubber products research, production and sales....




Choose our strengthsFocus on the production of rubber sealing ring and rubber products


The technical force is abundant in experience

  • Focus on the production of water conveyance, production of rubber sealing ring and rubber products r & D, production, sales as one of the enterprises
  • The production process of stop and degumming ring, T-shaped stop and degumming ring, is strictly in accordance with the production formula and process throughout the production, stable product properties
  • Strong technical force, mature production and processing technology

Can meet the needs of various customers tailored

  • According to the design drawing and effect requirement provided by the customer, make to order as needed
  • T-type anti-slip and deguming ring, from the packaging, transportation, aging to achieve timely, according to the quantity, quality to reach the hands of customers.
  • Quantity is with preferential treatmentHigh production efficiency, guaranteed delivery time

Strict quality control system, select raw materials

  • UsingHigh qualityThe raw material of、strictThe management of
  • The products are used in domestic and foreign water supply and drainage, metallurgy, machinery manufacturing and other industries
  • Good production equipment, with complete productsDetection means,Non-slip degumming ring product quality is stable and reliable

Provide considerate service

  • Provide one-on-one technical guidance before sales
  • Sales: provide professional order follow up report
  • After sale:Customer service is available 24/7, to solve technical problems for you




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